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With passion comes results.

Our work


Maintenence Wash 

-Foam wash with 2 bucket rinse, wheel faces & tires cleaned, dried with plush microfiber towels, forced air to blow water out of crevices, door jams wipe down, windows cleaned, interior vacuum, tires dressed. Coated vehicles will have specific soaps for proper care.

Coupes $50.00

Sedans $55.00

Suvs. $60.00

X-Lrg Van & Suv $70+

Post Track Day Maintenence available starting at $75

Exterior & Interior Detail Packages

Maintenence Detail

-Foam wash, Clay & Ceramic Pro Sport coating

-wheel faces cleaned, tires cleaned & dressed,

-interior vacuumed, interior wipe down

-dressings applied

-windows cleaned

(this service does not remove imperfections but great for maintaining)

starting @ $200.00


Gloss Enhancement Detail

-exterior foam wash w/ 2 bucket method

-surface decontamination

-clay treatment

-Light machine polish to enhance gloss 

-wheels/tires cleaned

-interior touch up

-glass cleaned

4-6 hours

starting @ $249.95

Level 1 Detail

-exterior foam wash w/ 2 bucket method

-surface decontamination 

-clay treatment

-wheels/tires cleaned

- machine medium cut/polishing removing moderate swirls and defects

-sealed w/ Ceramic Pro Sport

-interior touch up

6-8 hours

starting @ $450.00

Level 2 Detail

-exterior foam wash w/ 2 bucket method

-surface decontamination

-clay treatment

-wheels/tires cleaned

-2 step paint correction

(swirl removal) compound/polishing

to remove correctable defects

-Ceramic Pro Sport

-interior touch up

starting @650.00



Interior Detail

Paint Correction

(swirl removal)

Paint correction is performed with machine polishing "buffing" using safe and proper techniques, our experiences, professional products, pads and advance tools to level the clear coat removing swirls, scratches, RIDS, hard water spots to restore the shine and luster achieving excellent gloss. Below are lists of tailored paint correction packages we offer to restore your paint to a showroom finish.

1 step correction

removes 40-50% of light swirls and minor defects. This service is great for a car in good condition that needs a minor touch up to restore the like new condition.

(4-6 hours)

starting @ $450.00

2 step correction

removes 50-70% of swirls and moderate defects. This service includes an additional polishing stage.

(6-8 hours)

starting @ $650

Full Paint Correction

removes up to 90% of swirls/defects

Multi-step machine correction process to remove all correctable defects safely to bring out the best gloss and clarity at a very high level.

(1-2 days)

*requires in person evaluation

(additional fees may apply to larger vehicles)





Full Interior Detail

Steam cleaning of carpets, floor mats, seats, consoles, door panels, vents, leathers cleaned and conditioned, eliminates odors from pet stains, smoke, and bacteria.

includes free wash

starting @ $200.00 for small coupes

add $30.00 for pet hair removal

(additional fees apply to larger vehicles)

Headlight Restoration

-3 stages of sanding to remove oxidation

-2 step machine polish to bring back clarity

-sealed with Ceramic Pro 9h

starting @$120.00

or Xpel Clear bra $300.00






 degreased, various brushes used to remove all possible dirt and grime, rinsed & silicone free dressings applied to all plastics and hoses

starting @ $75.00




Protective Wheel Coatings

We offer wheel coatings to provide maximum protection from brake dust and ease of cleaning

starting @$199.95

Additional Services

Protective Paint Coatings

Ceramic Pro
Click icon to learn more about the best permanent paint protection for your vehicle.

●Permanent Protection

●Light marring Resistance (Above 9h)

●Super Hydrophobic Effect

●Weather & UV Resistance

●Thermal Resistance (up to 1200 degree)


●Advanced Chemical Resistant

●High Gloss Finish

Sport Package

*6 month warranty

-1 layer of Sport to paint and trims

-1 layer of Wheel and Caliper to wheel faces

-1 layer of CP Rain to windows




Starting @ $349.95

Bronze Package

*2 Year warranty

-1 layer of Light

-1 layer of Wheel and Caliper to wheel faces

-1 layer of CP Rain to windows

-1 layer of CP Plastic to trim/rubber


call for a free quote!

Silver Package

*5 Year warranty

-1 layer of 9h

-1 layer of Light

-1 layer of Wheel and Caliper to wheel faces

-1 layer of CP Rain to windows

-1 layer of CP Plastic to trim/rubber

call for free quote!

Gold Package

*Lifetime warranty


-4 layers of 9h

-1 layer of Light

-1 layer of Wheel and Caliper to wheel faces

-2 layer of CP Rain to windows

-1 layer of CP Plastic to trim/rubber

call for a free quote!

Ceramic Pro

Individual services:


-Ceramic Pro Sport


-Wheel coating $199.95+

*3 year warranty

-Ceramic Pro Interior  protection $299.95+

-Ceramic Pro Rain $89+

All services varies within size of the vehicle. Pricing is subject to appointment review of existing paint condition
NSX Ceramic Pro Gold Package
Now this is sun test
Transformation completed for this Model
full car Xpel Stealth clear bra
Awesome clarity with _xpeltech_And _cera
_teslamotors Model X P100D received full
GT3 Touring in for full correction, comp
BMW M2 Xpel Ultimate
Audi R8 Ceramic Pro Xpel PPF
996 GT3 1
bmw m2
W211 CP Gold
c4s targa
Ceramic Pro install
Glass coating
polishing perfection
Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper coating
Ceramic Pro
991.2 targa
Bentley Bentagya
Bentley Bentayga
Bentley Bentayga Red
Aston Martin reflection rear
Aston Martin paint correction
Toyota CHR Ceramic Coated
Toyota CHR paint protection
Ceramic Pro wheel coating applied
cp volvo
Swissvax M3
lexus is250 paint correction
beads 2
lexus is250 swissvax
headlight restoration
Ceramic Pro 9h

Ceramic Pro 9h Gold Package

SALEEN Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light & ExoV2_edited
G35 full correction
BMW wet sanded
Evo X full correction
Evo9 1 step
Volk ce28n

Gtechniq wheel coating applied

brz 2_edited
WRX full correction


What started out as obsession became passion and Prominence Auto Spa was born. We are an authorized Ceramic Pro and Xpel Protective film dealer. We focus on 1 vehicle at a time to ensure high quality results are achieved. We ensure every vehicle we work on will receive the best results with the utmost care to your vehicles.


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